How Devotion to Our Jobs Keeps Us Exploited, Exhausted, and Alone

a book by Sarah Jaffe

Sarah Jaffe on Why Doing What You Love May Backfire On Yo‪u‬ on Keen On

On today’s episode, Andrew Keen talks with Sarah Jaffe about her new book, Work Won’t Love You Back, and what love means in the twenty-first century.


Sarah Jaffe, Author of Work Won’t Love You Back & Co-Host of Belabored Podcast – LRPN Spotlight

I spoke with Evan Matthew Papp of Empathy Media Lab for this spotlight from the Labor Radio Podcast Network.


Work Won’t Love You Back on Season of the Bitch

do u love ur job??? RLY?! ……….????? Well guess what, as kellen says, she’s just not that into you (she meaning the hellscape that is labor under capitalism). this week we have our incredible friend, labor journalist, and author, Sarah Jaffe on the pod to talk about her new book Work Wont Love you Back. […]


Love and Class War on Delete Your Account

Roqayah is off this week, so Kumars is joined from the top of the hour by independent labor journalist Sarah Jaffe, reporting fellow at Type Media Center, cohost of Dissent Magazine’s Belabored podcast, and the author of two books: Necessary Trouble: Americans in Revolt, and a new book out now from Hurst and Bold Type Books, Work Won’t Love You […]

Event • London

I Am Not My Work at Novara FM

There are two people by whom I’ve been excited to be interviewed about Work Won’t Love You Back since I was writing the damn thing. One of them is James Butler at Novara FM, and it’s up. 


Art and Labor Podcast Episode 110 – Work Won’t Love You Back w/ Sarah Jaffe

I joined the Art and Labor podcast folks–who helped me think through writing about art when I was working on the book–to talk about it!

Event • New York

Author Sarah Jaffe on reimagining our relationship with work on Axios

American labor has long been stratified into blue collar and white collar, although the hues have never shone so brightly as they have during the pandemic. Axios Re:Cap digs into our changing relationship with work, and what might come next, with Sarah Jaffe, author of a new book titled “Work Won’t Love You Back.”


LaborWave Radio

Sarah Jaffe, author, labor journalist, and one of the hosts of Belabored Podcast, joins Laborwave Radio to discuss her new book, Work Won’t Love You Back published by Bold Type Books.


Why is ‘Doing What You Love’ a Recipe for Exploitation? on the Womanhood podcast

I joined Mimi on the Womanhood podcast to talk about Work Won’t Love You Back.