How Devotion to Our Jobs Keeps Us Exploited, Exhausted, and Alone

a book by Sarah Jaffe

Louisiana Museum of Art: The Irreplaceable Human – Conditions of Creativity in the Age of AI

I was part of an exhibit at the Louisiana Museum of Art in Denmark on “The Irreplaceable Human,” looking at the conditions of life and work during the age of “artificial intelligence.” The exhibition is up from November 23, 2023 to April 1, 2024. With works by more than 60 artists, this large-scale, interdisciplinary exhibition […]


Macrodose: Robots and Foucault: the economics of work

I was a guest on the Macrodose podcast, for a long and rambling (and quite fun) conversation with James Meadway on the state of work, which robots we should (and shouldn’t) be afraid of, and why it’s always about power.


The Ankler: Myth of the Hollywood Dream Job

Elaine Low at The Ankler interviewed me about the Hollywood strikes and the way the myth of the dream job is utilized on all sides of the struggle.


The Care Crisis, Explained at Open Democracy

I’m one of several voices explaining the care crisis–in Britain and internationally–and what we can do about it in this video series from Open Democracy.

Event • Boston

“The Labor of Love and the Future of Work” Sarah Jaffe

I spoke to UMass Boston’s Applied Ethics Center on the future of work: 

Event • Napoli

Work Won’t Love You Back in Scampia

On Friday 13 January in Naples, at 5pm in the council room of the municipality of Scampia, I spoke on Work Won’t Love You Back at the event, “Women and work between Italy and the USA.” Organized by the VIII municipality of Naples, Minimum Fax and the National Feminist Coordination “La Città delle Donne”.

Event • Ferrara, Italy

Internazionale Festival 2023

I will be at Internazionale Magazine Festival in Ferrara in September. It is said that work gives dignity and defines us. But couldn’t it be that they pushed us to believe this in order to make better use of ourselves? How to regain time for ourselves and our lives Francesca Coin sociologist Dialogue with  Sarah Jaffe American […]

Event • Pennsylvania

Work Won’t Love You Back at the Berman Museum

In connection with the exhibition Essential Work, I’ll be doing a talk at the Berman Museum March 2nd.


Off-Kilter Podcast: “Work Won’t Love You Back”

I joined Rebecca Vallas on the Off-Kilter Podcast to talk about Work Won’t Love You Back, and in particular to talk about nonprofit sector work and burnout.


55 Voices for Democracy Podcast: Sarah Jaffe on Working Conditions & Labor Movements

I was a guest on the 55 Voices for Democracy Podcast.