How Devotion to Our Jobs Keeps Us Exploited, Exhausted, and Alone

a book by Sarah Jaffe

Work Won’t Love You Back on On The Job with Francis Leach and Sally Rugg

I joined the On the Job podcast in Australia to talk about Work Won’t Love  You Back.

Have you ever had a job where the boss told you, “hey, we’re like family!”

Or worked somewhere where they claimed you had to “live your work”?
How about your dream gig, where you loved it so much you ended up spending every waking minute eating, breathing and doing your job – until you couldn’t separate what you do from who you are?

Yeah – we’ve been there too! And American journalist and author Sarah Jaffe is here to tell us we should stop it, right now.

In her new book “Work Won’t Love You Back – How Devotion to Our Jobs Keeps Us, Exploited, Exhausted and Alone”, Jaffe explodes the myth that if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Sarah joins Francis and Sally for a chat.


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